Moving in


Thanks for following me over. Welcome to my new home.


8 Responses to “Moving in”

  1. Kim in Says:

    I like your new home!

  2. missmellifluous Says:

    Thanks, Kim. I’m glad you’re here. It wouldn’t be a blog home without you.

  3. John Dekker Says:

    When’s the blog-warming party?

  4. Rebecca Says:


  5. candyinsierras Says:

    Welcome. I may move too since I am blocked from posting right now. Blogger thinks I am a spam blog for some reason.

  6. missmellifluous Says:

    I know what that’s like, Candy. Blogger did that to me too. You should move over, then we’d be in the same neighbourhood. Posting is so easy over here.

    John, Sure. Why not. Let’s have a blog warming party. I’ll get to planning it shortly and will advise of the date soonest. It will be fun!

  7. Steve Grose Says:

    I found that while Blogger is currently being a pain on IE its pretty ok on Firefox.. maybe its just having some problems with their “New Blogger” and the interfaces.

  8. missmellifluous Says:

    I found that true too. Firefox is generally much better than Internet Explorer, however, blogger is very often temperamental anyway while I have not had any problems at WordPress – in my whole 3 days here. Server issues are not the only Blogger problems. The banning of blogs as spam blogs when they are just personal blogs is annoying. Imagine the surprise at being banned from your own blog and considered a spammer. It was enough to send me elsewhere. The WordPress system works better for me too. It’s quicker, more user friendly and there are more options. I also like the format. SO, all in all there were many reasons to change over.

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