A fabric fiend

These are just two of the beautiful Amy Butler fabrics I have bought lately. I love her retro designs! They are absolutely gorgeous and I am completely jealous of anyone in America who can just go to a shop and buy her fabrics, funky patterns – you can get some free ones on that link!- , stationery and the other little goodies designed by Amy Butler. These fabrics are going to be made into a bag. Either this gorgeous Betty Shopper or this lovely Weekender Travel Bag, the patterns for which I had to buy from America.


So, I’m wondering…are there any Amy Butler fans out there? Have you bought any of her materials or patterns? What have you made?

Are you lucky enough to have an Amy Butler store near you?

Who are the sewers amongst us? I am not exactly a sewer myself as sewing requires sitting still for a long time – something I am not very good at – but I do love to find the material. I am a consultant in the creative process, not a sewer as such. How about you?


8 Responses to “A fabric fiend”

  1. ish Says:

    I don’t have a fabric/sewing comment apart from rather liking the green one but wanted to comment on your earlier post re stresses, tiredness and disappointment. Please know you are in my prayers too, ande especially for your boys. It’s good you keep blogging – making the time. I find such an encouragment in this stange detached electronic community.

  2. ish Says:

    PS re. the punctuation poems you liked. The School Magazine will publish 4 of them this year. Does that mag come into your school?

  3. missmellifluous Says:

    Hi Steve, Thanks for commenting – even on a sewing post! I appreciate your prayers. I always find it strange that this little cyber community is so much like a real little community but actually has no real space to exist. The disembodiment is strange.

    Congratulations on the publishing of some of your punctuation poems! I really love those poems. I don’t think my school does get The School Magazine– we get all the Independent School journals – but I’ll do a search and also check with my Head of Department to see if we can get our hands on one.

  4. kim from hiraeth Says:

    The fabric is lovely. I’ve never seen it before, nor heard of Amy Butler.

    I think her fabrics would go well in my bungalow home.

    Lately, I’ve been spending more time in the stationer’s store than the fabric store, but I hope to make some new placemats soon and these fabrics are very eye-catching.

  5. candyinsierras Says:

    Well. I had fun going on a short journey to check out Amy Butler. Beautiful fabric.

  6. Paul Says:

    They look quite like William Morris/Arts and Crafts.

  7. missmellifluous Says:

    Ooooh! You’re right, Paul! If this was a fabric, I’d buy it. I had to look him up but I found some of his textiles – gorgeous. I like the strawberry thief. I didn’t know he worked with Dante Gabriel Rossetti either. How interesting!

  8. missmellifluous Says:

    I hope you keep us informed of your fabric choices when you make your placemats, Kim. I’d love to see what you choose. Some of these fabric designs could inspire your calligraphy. That would be cool!

    Candy! You say that so casually! Some people I know would almost kill or at least maim for that experience. The fabrics are beautiful. It’s lucky I don’t have a shop near me or I’d buy way too much. I have to have it posted up from Melbourne and I still buy too much. Postage is only 50c no matter how much material I buy!

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