some days make it all worthwhile

Even though I was lamenting the fact only a few days ago, there are some benefits to being a mum and a teacher, for today was Darling Harbour’s inaugural Open Day for Teachers! This meant that I got into a whole heap of tourist/educational venues for free with free admission for my boys as well or at least a 20% discount for them, depending on the venue. So, today, we took full advantage of these freebies and discounts and we hit the educational town! Here is what we did:

We saw platypus darting and diving underwater, lizards swimming, seals growling, sharks circling, penguins flopping, crabs scurrying, starfish sticking, stingrays gliding, eels gaping, octopuses avoiding entanglement, jellyfish floating, and even patted a shark at Sydney Aquarium.

Then we went to the Powerhouse Museum where we pretended to be steam train drivers as we climbed aboard old steam trains, and astronauts as we visited the SPACE exhibition. We looked at some fancy pants chairs, simulated making a quilt, looked at how solar powered boats are made, and then got a little bit lost.

Then we caught the monorail through the city, got off at City Centre and walked to the Art Gallery where we ate lunch and looked at the Tezuka: the Marvel of Manga exhibition because we love Astro Boy! Then we looked at the most ginormous painting of a battle we had ever seen and made up a story about it. Then we bought some souvenirs from the gift shop. Then we caught a bus back to Town Hall and walked back to Darling Harbour.

My little man asked if we could “sit and watch the calmness of the water” but when I said we were ready for our next activity and he saw that we were walking towards the IMAX theatre he said, “Oh, yeah! Okay, mama. Let’s go!” and we sat and watched the mostly uncalmness of Lions in 3D. After emerging from the theatre we went to watch the calmness of the water but realised my oldest little man had lost his Astro Boy pencil case and so we searched through bags and theatres, under seats amongst sticky lollies to no avail. The pencil case was gone. “I still had a good day anyway, mama, ” said my gracious angel boy as we walked back to the car tired but happy because we’d had a day together. A great, fun day.


6 Responses to “some days make it all worthwhile”

  1. Ellen Says:

    Sounds like the perfect day for two little boys!

  2. missmellifluous Says:

    …and their mama.

  3. Paul Says:

    Good for you all. “Laying down memories”.

  4. ish Says:

    Your day was gold. I expect watching the calmness of future waters may conjure some of this. 🙂

  5. missmellifluous Says:

    I hope so, ish.

  6. Radagast Says:

    Sounds like a wonderful day indeed.

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