I’m going to the jungle – well, on a camp with Year 10 anyway

SO I’m leaving my little boys tomorrow for four long, long, long days. I have never been apart from my boys for this long before and I have never wanted to be. We have been having days filled with “you know I’ll miss you SOOOOO much! Just give me ONE more cuddle!” kind-of-moments and each time we have left each other – to go to school or sleep – we have given a thousand big squeezes sent via air mail to cover the distance our steps placed between us.

I love my little men. They are the best of their kind in the world! Just to prove it to you, here is a story the boys have ‘published’ for me. It is just one of the gifts they have made for me to take away so that I will always have something of theirs close by. In the interests of cuteness I have not tampered with their text in anyway. Sadly, as I am technologically illiterate at this point of tiredness and my scanner is attached to a computer in another room and is also quite temperamental, I have not included the pictures. Just know that they are gorgeous and of the type that melt a mama’s heart.

Cover: White pencil on black paper

The Monkey and the Elephant

witien by [little man]

pictures by [smaller little man]

First title page: black texta on white paper

The Monkey and the Elephant

witien by [little man]

pictures by [smaller little man]

Second title page:

To Mama xxxooo (heart heart heart)

The Monkey and the Elephant

witten by [little man]

& pictures by [smaller little man]

Page 1:Once there was a monkey who lived with a elephant. One day monkey said “let’s go on a adventure.” Into the Jungle.

[picture: Elephant and monkey look at each other. Both stand on green grass and have a trunk and tail respectively that appear to quiver with excitement. Monkey says “Let go on a trip.” Elephant says “okay.”]

Page 2:They packed their bag’s. Monkey packed bannanas and elephant packed penuts penuts peanuts.

[picture: monkey swings from a vine next to a banana. Monkey has a green backpack.]

Page 3:The next day they set of to the jungle. On the way they met a lizard it was 9cm tall and 10cm long.

[picture: Monkey is smiling and swinging down his vine with his green backpack on. Elephant is walking underneath with a red backpack on. Elephant is looking at an orange lizard on a grey rock.]

page 4:The lizard said “where are you going?”

“We are exploring the Jungle”! “By” he said.

Just then they where in the Jungle.

Monkey had his dinner and fell asleep. So did Elephant.

[picture: Monkey swings from his vine. His bag swings from another vine. Elephant lies down. Elephant’s red bag is on the ground.]

page 5:The next morning he ate sum mashed bannanas and elephant ate sum peanuts. Monkey new he had to find sum food for on his way Home.

[picture: monkey stands near a tree smiling and holding a round yellow ball.]

page 6:He seached hight and low. But he could not find sum food. Just then he saw a big bunch of bannanas. quick turn the page!

[picture: monkey points to a bunch of bananas hanging from a rope above him in a tall tree.]

page 7:He put his hand on the rope and he flew up and up in the sky. Just then lizard climed up on a tree and bit the rope off.

[picture: close up of the tree. Just under a fork in the branches, Monkey is hanging from the rope with a sad face as lizard who has climbed up the tree is very close to the rope.]

page 8:Monkey fleww fell down on elephants. back. Huray “Hurrah” “Hurrah” They Shouted. from that day on they became

[picture: monkey, elephant and lizard hold balloons. Monkey’s is green. Elephant’s is red and Lizard’s is orange. Elephant holds his balloon with his trunk.]

page 9:

best friends.

The End.

[picture: All walk off into the beautifully glowing sunset together.]

Last page:

published 2007

24 March

AND so I could never love them too much.

Now that I have a good book to read while I am away, I better go and pack some clothes.

Till anon, dear friends, fare thee well!


3 Responses to “I’m going to the jungle – well, on a camp with Year 10 anyway”

  1. ish Says:

    Again my prayers go with you. You are away from your superb little authors, sure. (Thanks for sharing that in all it’s nuance.) But I always found school camps a mega challenge. The full-on, non-stop engagement with kids.

  2. kim from hiraeth Says:

    Now THAT’S a keeper!

    I have some books like that, too. Thanks for bringing back some younger mommy memories.

    I do hope you have such a rousing good time at camp that the time goes by very quickly and you are reunited with your young authors before you know it!

  3. momrn2 Says:

    Some day when you are more rested you’ll have to post some of those illustrations for us!! So sweet… so very, very sweet!!

    Tell them I thoroughly enjoyed the story! 🙂

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