Beck interviews me…

Beck did this cool thing the other day where she was interviewed on her blog by a fellow blogger. It was a great post that became a tagging kinda thing. So, here, in this post, I am interviewed by Beck. She asks good questions. Not sure how well I answer. Decide for yourself…

1. Which actress – past or present – should play you in the movie version of
your life?

IN my long dark brown hair days friends have told me that I look like Angelina Jolie t-shirt_angelina_jolie_10242.jpg

at which I was both floored and instantly offended. She can be so skanky. Despite the resemblance, I would not want to be played by her. She could perhaps carry off my angst ridden, traumatic, rebellious 19 year old days quite well – she and 19 year old me could sure give the evil eye – however, I think I’d prefer an old school actress, dare I say, who can actually act with emotional intensity, such as Cate Blanchett – whom I don’t really look like, except for the whole blonde, blue eyes, big mouth thing. I’m sure make up could change the rest and hey, I don’t mind if I end up looking like Cate anyway! She’s beautiful and Australian too so the accent wouldn’t be a problem. She also has much more class and would not turn my life into some sordid adventure flick – even though it kind of has been at times. Rather it would be presented as the sometimes traumatic but relentlessly uplifting drama my life has been so far.

2. Hey, it’s your birthday! What kind of cake do you choose?

Not a big fan of cake. But on birthdays I do make an exception. SO, I choose my mum’s specialty which is a version of Bill Granger’s Chocolate Cake. It is made with dark chocolate and tons of cocoa, so it is super rich and most delicious when served with raspberries. Yumo!
3. If you could retrieve one toy from your childhood, which one would you

Is a tree house a toy? My dad used to make us the best tree houses! I used to think I would be forever happy if I were allowed to live in my tree house.

4. What is the single kindest thing you have ever witnessed?

The single kindest thing. I’ve witnessed. Hmmmm. This is a tricky one.

Once I ordered my favourite coffee – a Genera, which is a latte with orange peel infused in the coffee – at uni only to discover that it could not be made as the coffee cart was out of oranges. After telling me this terrible news, the guy serving said, “wait here” and promptly ran away. He came back a few minutes later proudly holding a nice fresh orange that he had just run to the shop to buy. Somewhat out of breath, he made me my coffee while the ever growing coffee line looked at me somewhat bewildered by the commitment of this young man to his Genera loving customers. As kind as this gesture is, it may be rivaled by that of a stranger I encountered when I was 19.

I was walking down the street in a very rough part of town when a drug dealer started shouting at me and harassing me. He yelled all kinds of sexual remarks and other violent threats and as I tried to walk past, he began to follow. I was scared. He was big and determined. Just at the moment he seemed intent on chasing me a car pulled up requiring his attention. Noticing that he was engaged in his ‘business’ transaction I took the opportunity to walk away at a much faster pace. The guy’s attention was split between the occupants of the car and their exchange and the ever widening gap between me and him. He hurriedly finished his trafficking and began running towards me when out of nowhere appeared a taxi. The taxi driver drove along beside me and asked where I was going. “To the station,”I said. He asked me if I needed a ride, I said I didn’t have any money. He looked over his shoulder towards the local thug now running towards me and replied, “Don’t worry, just get in.” For an instant I wondered if I was jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire but decided that the taxi was the best option. I jumped in and as we drove off I looked behind and saw the ever shrinking figure of the thug, who was still running down the road, screaming and yelling at us from behind.

Confused and frightened I sank into the backseat of the taxi. I could have cried. The taxi driver passed the station. I wondered what I was in for now. After some minutes he pulled up at a different train station, one a little further away. Relieved, I realised that he was very cleverly putting distance between me and the thug and had dropped me off at a station that was safer than the one we had passed.”I really don’t have any money,” I said to the driver. “It’s okay. Don’t worry about it.” “Thank you,” was all I could say having been overwhelmed by the kindness of a complete stranger – a taxi driver of all people. In Sydney they are more well known for their exploitation of the young and naive rather than their unsolicited philanthropy! – who saved me so generously from who knows what. Even though the orange runner was kind – and the story is much nicer – I think the actions of the taxi driver are the kindest thing I ever witnessed.

5. What would you say is the single most important duty of a parent?

Single most. Without a doubt: To instill in their childrens’ hearts a real and deep love for Christ so that they understand the extreme lengths Jesus has gone to so that we can be reconciled to Him, realise that the only true response to Christ’s love is to live their lives in service as an expression of gratitude and love, and that nothing can seperate us from the love that is in Christ Jesus our Lord. I think it is also important for parents to demonstrate unconditional love to their children so that they may be a soft place for their children to land when they need to because, if my children are anything like me, they’ll need to.

Let’s keep the fun happenin’. Do you want to be interviewed? Let me know and I’ll give you some questions to answer. C’mon! It’s fun!
Paul played!


17 Responses to “Beck interviews me…”

  1. Paul Says:

    Pick me! Pick me!

  2. John Dekker Says:

    Yeah, I’m keen as well. Though I won’t be answering them until after Easter.

  3. Rebecca Says:

    Yes, I think I’d rather be Cate Blanchett than Angelina Jolie, too – but Angelina IS very beautiful.
    Don’t like cake! Gasp!
    That story of the taxi driver’s kindness brought tears to my eyes. Lovely.

  4. missmellifluous Says:

    Okay Paul, Here are your questions:

    1) Imagine you are a fabulously talented musician (or maybe you are already?) what instrument do you play and which already famous musos from any era are in your band with you?

    2) Tell us about your best holiday ever and what made it so fantastic.

    3) Who has been the most influential person in your life and why?

    4) Which one word would you eradicate from the English language if you could?

    5) If you could have coffee with God and could ask Him one question this side of heaven, what would it be?

    I look forward to reading your answers! Let me know when they’re up and I’ll link to them. Thanks for playing!

    If anyone else wants to play I’ll give you a whole new set of questions. Just let me know…

  5. John Dekker Says:

    Oh, I had though I said “count me in” or something, but my comment didn’t seem to take.

  6. Paul Says:

    Now replied ……. and responded to.

  7. John Dekker Says:

    What’s happening to my comments?????????

  8. candyinsierras Says:

    I am off to Santa Cruz to visit a friend for a few days but would love to play. I enjoyed your answers and I agree with Rebecca on the Taxi Driver story. Perhaps he was an angel in disguise! 🙂 Your blog looks wonderful and I can read it much easier.

  9. John Dekker Says:

    This is ridiculous. Why won’t this blog take my comments????????

  10. John Dekker Says:

    What do I have to do to actually get a comment posted?

  11. Andrew Says:

    I agree. The blog looks great.

    … and I haven’t done any memes for a while, so send some of those questions my way!


  12. John Dekker Says:

    This is making me very sad… 😦

  13. missmellifluous Says:

    I changed my format just for you, Candy! And I have to admit the small font was driving me crazy too.


    Candy, these are for you:

    1) I know you like art so, if you had the ability to paint as any artist in history who would it be and what would you paint?

    2) What is your fondest memory of your childhood?

    3) If you were down to your last $10.50 what would you spend it on?

    4) Can you share a moment in which you felt so happy and content that you would not have changed a thing?

    5) Could you please tell uss which plant you think best represents your life and why?

    Ok, now it’s your turn, Andrew. Here are your questions:

    1) If you could be granted one superpower what would it be and how would you use it?

    2) If you could travel to any time in history and meet anyone at all who would it be and why?

    3) You are only allowed to listen to one cd for the rest of your life, which one do you choose and why?

    4) What would be the best thing that could happen to you right now?

    5) Can you share a time when you thought the task or situation you were faced with was impossible, how did you overcome this situation?

    I look forward to reading your answers. Let me know when they are up and I’ll post the link. Thanks for playing.

    Any more takers? C’mon! It’s so fun! I’m sure I could think of more questions.

  14. ish Says:

    Anyone who calls their daughter Shiloh can’t be all bad.

  15. missmellifluous Says:

    John! I wondered where you had gone to. I checked my spam and there you were, all six comments. I have no idea why it keeps flagging your comments as spam. It’s very mean and very bad and I am very sorry WordPress has done this to you. Thanks for persisting!

    Now that I know you would like to play I will write up some questions for you.

  16. missmellifluous Says:

    Good point, ish. What does Shiloh mean? It is a very pretty name.

  17. missmellifluous Says:

    Okay John, your questions, when you’re ready to accept them, are:

    1) If you were to write an autobiography what would the title be?

    2) You are given three lives to live simultaneously, what do you do with them?

    3) You are given the opportunity to rewrite one event in your life, which event do you choose and how do you change it?

    4) What is the best present you ever received?

    5) What is one thing you wish people knew about you that they don’t already?

    There you go. Interpret in any way you like. Answer at your own leisure but let us know when you do!

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