Have you ever been on the fun ride EXTREME SPEED?

As the name suggests this ride operates at some serious speed at a maximum height of 32 meters. Speed promises to leave even the most hardened thrill seeker shocked, satisfied and weak at the knees.


As you can partially see, the seats are at the end of a very long (32 meter) vertical arm which spins from a central point on an upright post. The ride only takes eight people at a time – four at each end. So you sit in this chair with a big harness and the arm spins very fast while your little carriage also spins. A lot of the time it feels like you are free falling as you spin either upside down or hurtle face first towards the ground. I feel like I’ve been on this ride a lot lately – mainly because I have.

Last night I was fortunate enough to accompany a group of students to the Sydney Royal Easter Show on a school excursion. No, we were not there to check out the agricultural displays or see the latest in innovation. No, we were not going to see the pretty apples in their picturesque displays – although we did, and they were very nice. We were there for the rides! Wahoooooo!

The Sport and Recreation class were going as part of their studies in thrill seeking recreation activities and sadly, the class did not have a female teacher to supervise the girls in the class, so, I just HAD to go. It was my duty.

Every week this class takes part in some kind of recreation activity as part of their study. So far they have gone jet boat riding, climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and had surfing lessons. Yesterday, we went to the Easter show!

As we were ‘studying’ recreation it was very important that we took part in recreation activities. We were given $25 worth of tickets – once they were gone we could buy more buy had to use our own $ not the school’s – to try out the rides. Wahooo! That’s my kind of study. I think we all nearly vomited at various times.

My favourite ride – I went on it three times! – was EXTREME SPEED. It was very exciting. On my third ride I actually got to watch the fireworks from the top of the ride. I was sitting for a few minutes at the same level at which the fireworks were exploding. It was the best view in the showground!

Like the Year 10 camp I went on, this excursion gave me the opportunity to get to know some of my students better. This time I was with Year 12 students (about 16-18 years old in their last year of Senior School) some of whom are in my Year 12 English class. The Year 12 students are really lovely. They are very kind, funny and social which sometimes causes problems in the English classroom but was just perfect for a Sport and Rec. excursion. They are great kids and we had a lot of fun. We bought showbags – I and all the girls but one bought a showbag with Peter Alexander slippers in it! We want to have a ‘slipper day’ at school one day. I also bought a King Island Dairy show bag – love that Tassie Cheese – and Airforce bags and character toys for my boys. We taste tested delicious ginger punch; chatted about tv shows I “really must watch”; discussed metaphors in hardcore music – apparently the ‘tapeworm’ is a metaphor for the US government; ate good food; went on heaps of rides; watched the rodeo; grimaced as the boys explained their theories on why the horses buck; wrestled with a coke bottle – I have no idea what that was about. …important boy business I think; played tag; and generally had heaps of fun. I love it when I have the opportunity to do fun things with my students. It makes teaching them so much more enjoyable once we get back in the classroom. I am blessed to be able to teach such great students. They really are so lovely and fun that it is just a pleasure to go anywhere with them. A couple of the boys even carried my bags around for me all night! How gentlemanly!

So, yeah, work’s been pretty tough lately, kind of extreme and rather fast paced and now I’m on holidays! Wahooooo! Life’s tough.


3 Responses to “Have you ever been on the fun ride EXTREME SPEED?”

  1. Steve Grose Says:

    😦 my last excursion was to the crematorium 😦 you have all the fun!

  2. katie0507 Says:

    hi that ride speed is so cool i havent been on it yet but im going to go on it at sydney luna park!!! coolll

  3. missmellifluous Says:

    Have fun, katie0507! You’ll love it! Luna Park is heaps of fun! Enjoy!

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