A not-so-traditional but no less powerful Easter Sunday Greeting

Some friends of my family tell this story about an Easter Sunday in their house when my friends were young. It’s a great story that I don’t think they’d mind me sharing.

On the Saturday night before Easter Sunday this father was putting his two boys, aged three and eight, to bed. As he was doing so he was explaining to them about a great tradition Christians all over the world share. The father explained that on the morning of Easter Sunday, Christans all over the world would be using a special greeting. They would say to each other,

“He is Risen!”

to which the reply would come,

“He is Risen indeed!”

The father of these little boys explained that as this was a good tradition that reminds us of the good news of Jesus coming to life again, he would like them to remember to respond to his greeting in this manner in the morning. So, they practiced. The father said “He is Risen!” and the boys replied “He is Risen indeed!” And they said this a few times with great enthusiasm and sincerity.

The next morning the boys woke early and rushed into their parents room. As planned, their father greeted them with the traditional Easter Sunday greeting, “He is Risen!” to which Mr Three replied “Hallelujah, Baby!”

Hallelujah indeed!


3 Responses to “A not-so-traditional but no less powerful Easter Sunday Greeting”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    Ha! Hallelujah baby! That’s wonderful.
    Happy Easter to you!

  2. John Says:

    Good to see you here. Thank you so much for your encouragement on belovedfriendofgod.blogspot

    you rock too!

  3. Ellen Says:

    Amen, Hallelujah and a very Joyous Easter to you an yours!

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