Wow! Look @ this…

I am number 46 on the top 100 Growing Blogs list – you have to scroll a long way down to find me – and the only way I would have known is because they linked to me. I wonder what it all means…

I’m sure I only have about 13 readers.


2 Responses to “Wow! Look @ this…”

  1. A. Stark Says:

    Congrats! You deserve it.

    … and I haven’t forgotten about answering your questions. I’m on it.

  2. missmellifluous Says:

    Aw! Shucks! Thanks, Andrew. I’m not sure that I do deserve it or that there are enough people blogging on wordpress for this to be all that significant. It is interesting though because I often forget that this goes ‘out there’ – everywhere.

    I am glad you have not forgotten about your questions because I really want to read you answers. The suspense is incredible!

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