…and we thought it would never get here. dsc_0106.jpg
arrived yesterday: 17 April 2007

Thank you!

That’s right, Bookworm Bookmarks have made it Down Under!  There are some great new designs – go and have a look. You too could be as happy as me!

Thanks, Kim!



3 Responses to “Kim!”

  1. kim from hiraeth Says:


    I’m smiling bigger than you!

    What a story, eh? It took more than a month for that first one, but persistence pays off.

    I’m so happy!

  2. Rebecca Says:

    Aw! Lucky you! I’d love to order some.

  3. missmellifluous Says:

    Order some, Beck! They’re gorgeous!

    Thank you for persevering, Kim. The bookmarks certainly had an epic journey! I love that I can see the details of your work now. It’s very beautiful. Our beautiful-white sparkler-like wanderer is soooo delicate. I love the second bookmark you gave me as well. Thank you thank you thank you! How so amazing that finally they are here! I’m going to look for some beautiful ribbons to put through the eyelets.

    Thank you!

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