Reason to dance!

After a weekend at a church camp, my friend’s husband asked very casually over dinner, “So, what do I have to do to become a Christian and live a changed life?” I think she nearly choked! We are all dancing! It’s so hard to sit still!

Pray for him. Pray for her. Pray for their little family. And feel free to jump for joy with us or dance on a mountain top or anywhere else as we shout “WAAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”

God is good.


7 Responses to “Reason to dance!”

  1. kim from hiraeth Says:

    that IS a reason to dance!

  2. missmellifluous Says:

    I know!

  3. Ellen Says:

    Such good news! Praying for God’s continued work in this families life! Whoopee!

  4. Islandsparrow Says:

    The very best kind of news!! dancing with you!

  5. Radagast Says:

    That is good news!

  6. ish Says:

    No better story could be told. I wonder how long the soil has been a-cultivating before his beautiful question dropped?

  7. missmellifluous Says:

    A loooong time, I’ve been told! He has a Buddhist background but has been exposed to Christianity for a few years now.

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