…is a pretty good word. It is an adjective meaning: randomly determined; having a random probability distribution or pattern that may be analysed statistically but may not be predicted precisely.

I like it.

Candy played the 7 Random Things game. She has done some very amazing random things! I really like this game because it reveals so many interesting things about people that would otherwise remain unknown. And the good thing about it is, you only say the things you want to. I like games. I like random. Random games are great!

Let me know if you want to play or simply put your answers here in the comments. If you’ve already played and want to play again, please do. If you want to play anonymously and have us guess who you are, that would be fun too. If you want to change the rules entirely, go for it. The more random the better!

Are you feeling stochastically inclined? (You can’t even say that can you?) Do you know how to use stochastic in a sentence that works? Have you heard of stochastic before today? If so, or even if not, these are the types of random – or not-so-random now because they relate to this post – things that I would like to know about you.


9 Responses to “stochastic”

  1. Ellen Says:

    Here are my seven random things…
    1. I skipped the 2nd grade.
    2. I do not like to drive on snow or ice. (petrified to)
    3. I shook Bobby Kennedy’s hand shortly before he was assassinated.
    4. I met my husband in a Christian rock band in the 70’s.
    5. Some of my ancestors on my mothers side were Cossacks.
    6. I didn’t know what hors’ d’oeuvres were till my junior/senior prom. I looked at the invitation and asked “What’s a horse dee vors?”
    7. I had a lovely sister-in-law with cystic fibrosis. She lived for 36 years which is a long time for people with this genetic disorder. My brother has since remarried another lovely lady.

  2. Ellen Says:

    If you have time for some fun nonsense join me and consider yourself tagged again…

  3. Islandsparrow Says:

    7 random things about me…
    1.i like to write in lower case
    2. I was playing musical chairs at a birthday party when the radio music suddenly stopped and the announcer said that President Kennedy had been shot. I was only 6 but I remember it clearly.
    3. My best friend Rinda is getting her doctorate degree this Saturday. (is that about me?? never mind – I’m proud of her!)
    4. One of my favourite expressions was “boys oh boys I’m telling you!” – so it was no surprise to anyone when I had 4 boys in a row – then a little girl.
    5.I love thunderstorms
    6.I hate hate hate throwing up. (just got over the stomach flu)
    7. I love second hand bookstores with very old hardcover books.

  4. Radagast Says:

    I like the word “aleatoric” too.

  5. Islandsparrow Says:

    Dear K

    Hope all is well.

  6. Radagast Says:

    So do I…

  7. Ellen Says:

    Me, too.

  8. kim from hiraeth Says:

    I miss you!

    Please do check in, either by email or here. . .

    Hoping and praying that all is well!

  9. missmellifluous Says:

    I’m well. Mostly, anyway. Thank you. I’ll update soon. Thank you all for caring! You are very sweet! All of you!

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