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I owe Kim a restaurant meme. The 5 best restaurants in my local area – Sydney, Australia – are debatably:

Mash Café, Glenbrook

This Café has the best breakfasts and I love their ‘Winter Warmer’ Organic hot chocolate with chili, cardamom [& marshmallows, if you like] . It’s great to sit in the warmth of Mash, just at the foot of the Blue Mountains, and eat the most delicious food in the company of good friends. This is one of those cafés that you could retreat to for hours and just keep ordering the occasional warm drink, that is if you can resist the delicious food on their menu. This is a café with a conscience that delivers quality food with great ethical values. They are fair trade and all tips go to the sponsorship of three World Vision children. Oooh, and they’re friendly to our children too! The kids menu is also great and children are given pencils and paper to colour in while they wait…not that you have to wait very long ’cause the service is great too. Oh, I wish you were all nearby so we could run off for a while to Mash. What would you order?

Tasman’s in the City

This restaurant has just closed down I’ve heard which is a terrible shame because the food there was delicious!!! Now I’m too cranky to talk up their food, not that it needed talking up. I can’t believe they’re shut! Grrrr!

Bottom of the Harbour Seafoods, Balmoral Beach

This is one of those Cafés in which the waitresses don’t make a single note about your order but manage to get it perfectly right every time! I am always impressed when that happens and know that the food is going to be awesome. And it is. I went here the other day with a friend and I casually asked if they had any Berry Frappes. The lady taking our order said they don’t usually make fruit frappes but she could whip one up for me if I liked. “Sure,” I replied wondering what strange version of a Frappe I’d receive. I was not disappointed. I had the best frappe I have ever tasted. Yummo! It so should be on their menu! My friend ordered calamari which was also the best calamari in the world. Amazing! If you’re ever in Balmoral – go!

Hayashi Teppanyaki Restaurant, Castle Hill

Because sometimes you should be allowed to throw food at each other.

I am a fussy restaurant eater so that’s all I can think of right now if this is to be a list of the best! Sad, I know, but I am going out for dinner tonight so perhaps I’ll find another restaurant to add to my list then. For now, my number 5 will be:

The Book Haven– one of my favourite bookshops because it contains a delectable assortment of literary treats and treasures that I just cannot wait to sink my teeth into. With books stacked up in piles all over the floor as there is no room left on the shelves it is also a complete mess – not unlike my house after a dinner party – which makes it exciting when you actually find something you want! AND the shop owner can get me any book from anywhere in the world in about 2 weeks! I love it. Food for the soul! Yum!

Books are food, right?

Oh, now the tagging:

I would like it if Ish played – even if he plays in the comments section here – because he is from Tasmania and I soooooo miss Tassie food! I’d love to hear about his favourite eats in Tassie. He may even like to write a poem about them! That would be awesome!

I would like to hear about the 5 best places to eat in Africa from dekker when he returns.

I would also like to know where one4jc eats when she’s out and about on her motorbike! Congrats on getting your license!!!

Ellen is a bit of a traveller, so I’d like to see which places she chooses from anywhere.

And finally, because I made Island Sparrow hungry in my last post, I’d like to read about her favourite places to eat on PE Island.

If I haven’t tagged you and you’d like to play, please do!!!


8 Responses to “restaurant meme”

  1. Ellen Says:

    The Book Haven sounds wonderfully delicious for the happy reader. I’m adding the direct link to my restaurant choices. You’ll find them here

    I also give you a link to my sister Lana’s because hers are truly international…

    It’s so nice to hear from you Miss M! 🙂

  2. kim from hiraeth Says:

    Yes, books ARE food.

    of a sort.

  3. missmellifluous Says:

    I knew you’d agree.

  4. Islandsparrow Says:

    Hey – I played this game

    Check out my Island restaurants – hope you like lobster.

  5. John Dekker Says:

    Places to eat in Africa? I don’t think I could get to 5. We went to Cafe Mandala in Blantyre, which is a bit of an white people’s restaurant, and I had a frittata, but apart from that, we just had the same sort of stuff all the time. Chicken/beef/fish with rice/chips/nsima [maize].

    I’m definitely cooking pasta tonight.

  6. missmellifluous Says:

    Welcome home, John!
    Can’t wait to hear all about Africa!

  7. ish Says:

    1 Taste of Asia in North Hobart (on “little Lygon St.”) has great Thai curry.
    2 Rockefellers – expensive but I had some superb fish on my daughters birthday.
    3 Mai Ake Thai — also expensive but you can taste why.
    4 the Persian food van at Salamanca. The lamb and lime with rice and yogurt
    5 The Vietnamese place on Salamanca — worthy laksa.

  8. missmellifluous Says:

    Oooh! I’ve eaten from that persian food van at Salamanca, Ish!
    It is a big hit! Yummo!

    Have you ever eaten at Wrest Point revolving restaurant? I had the best food ever there! It’s expensive too but my dad treated us. He’s a great dad.

    I need to go to Hobart again to try out your restaurants.

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