Kim is trying her hardest…

…to get me to blog again! I can always tell by the amount of memes she [Kim] tags me for because I’m sure she doesn’t really want to know what kind of pans I like but here we go.. For Kim ’cause I love her!!!!

1. What is your favorite OUTDOOR memory, before Kindergarten?

EASY. My Grandfather – aka Gargi, who died when I was 6 – used to spoil me rotten! To him I was his Dresden plate. He loved me & I knew it!!!!! My first outdoor memory is of me waiting on the steps outside for my Nan and my Gargi to arrive. I remember sitting in the warm sun on the concrete steps playing with leaves and any insects that happened to wander by when my Nan and Gargi arrived, walked up the stairs, promptly smothered me with kisses and handed me the BIGGEST punnet of fresh strawberries I had ever seen! My Gargi stooped down and handed me the punnet saying, “Stay out here and eat these, Katie. But DON’T share them with your dad!” With wide eyes and tingling taste buds I felt like Eve being tempted in the Garden of Eden with the forbidden fruit and wondered if it could possibly be true: Did Gargi really say I was to sit here alone and selfishly eat all of the strawberries? Knowing how much my dad loved strawberries too, I wrestled with guilt but as the temptation was more than I could bear and I sat quietly on the steps so that noone would find me and I ate every single strawberry in the punnet. Without sharing. When the punnet was empty, serpent like I slinked into the kitchen where my family sat and I confessed to my grand deception, gluttony and selfishness. To my surprise my family laughed, scooped me up with cuddles and told me it was fine, the strawberries were all for me because I loved them the most. I felt like I would explode with love and I knew my Gargi loved me much. So much!

2. Do you find history fascinating and if so, which historical period are you most likely to explore?

History. Hmmm. Yep, it fascinates me how people can study it and love it. I would love to love it and have tried to many times but there are so many details that need to be remembered when you study history and I feel like they clutter all my ideas and bury me somewhere in a pile of dust long, long ago.The only way into history for me is through an object: an art work, a novel or an artifact. I love to learn about things and the period they came from but history for history’s sake is as dry as King Tutankhamon’s tomb. As to the period, any time as long as it is relevant to something tangible. I love studying Irish History through literature.
3. What period of art do you prefer and who is your favorite artist?

One period of art? Sheeeesh! One favourite artist? Sigh.

Ummmm… I love art! Just one? Okay, I love the expressionists for their use of bold colours and their attempt to capture the way objects and experiences make them feel! The heightened colour and emotion appeal to me because I feel things strongly. However, I don’t like abstractions. I like the subject to look as it actually would but to be tinged and heightened by the artist’s response. Chagall would have to be my all time favourite painter. His works are passionate, emotive and religious. Oh, and beautiful and ethereal… I could go on…


4. What kind of vacuum cleaner to you own and would you recommend it to someone who is looking for a vacuum cleaner that is strong enough to pick up little red Vizsla hairs without locking itself to the expensive oriental rugs in the process. (not that I know anyone looking for a new vacuum cleaner solution. . .)

Rainbow. A so, so old version of this. Yes, perfect. A great vacuum cleaner.
5. Tell me about your favorite pan, if you have one. Speaking of pans, have you ever made crepes? If so, what is your favorite filling?

Scanpan Classic Sauté Pan with Lid 32cms.


I cook everything in this pan! I love it!!!!! It’s beautiful to cook in, washes well, looks good. But only buy it if it is on sale because it is too darn expensive for a pan, in my opinion.

I have not made crepes myself but my favourite filling is chicken and mushrooms in white sauce, with asparagus on the side. Yummo.


8 Responses to “Kim is trying her hardest…”

  1. kim from hiraeth Says:

    Oh, Kate. You know me so well!

    Yes, I have to coax you out from time to time because I miss you and I find your random thoughts so interesting! We love so many of the same things, but we love them in such different ways and for such different reasons. It’s fun to have a friend who surprises you!

    I knew who your favorite “if-I-have-to-only-pick one” artist was already! But I must say, I was initiallysurprised that you find history dry. And yet I do understand why it is more interesting when you can hitch it to an object. For me, a whole period of history can come alive through one person’s life. Like Charles Martel. Or Aleric.

    And I love your pan. I want one. No kidding, I’m writing the name down and going to Linens and Things to see if I can find one. One question: can it go from the stovetop to the oven? Like a paella pan?

  2. Ellen Says:

    Oh you gave it away…your name is Katie! The strawberry story is wonderfully sweet!
    The pan does look great. I’m glad Kim tagged you.

  3. missmellifluous Says:

    I know all about your wicked ways, Kim! Heh heheheheheheh.

    Re Scanpan: Yep! Goes from the stovetop to the oven! Mmmmmm! It is the best pan in the world. I love Scanpan, though my mum loves Le Creuset.

    Hello Ellen,
    Yes, my name is Kate.

  4. missmellifluous Says:

    Oooh, and let me know if you find a Scanpan, Kim!

  5. kim from hiraeth Says:

    So far, no Scanpan. I’ve looked at Williams-Sonoma, Linens n Things, Bed, Bath and Beyond, and Sears.

    No go.

    I’m wondering how they would compare with All-Clad?

  6. missmellifluous Says:

    I’m not familiar with All-Clad. I’ll look it up.
    Meanwhile, places you can buy Scanpan in the US. Geeeez! They should pay me or give me a free pan. *hint hint Scanpan people*

  7. missmellifluous Says:

    Is All-Clad non-stick? I can’t tell! Scanpan is teflon coated so food comes off so nicely. The copper-core of All-Clad sounds good for heat distribution. In that way it is similar to Scanpan. DO the handles of All-Clad heat up being stainless steel? All-Clad does look beautiful, though the name sounds like a kind of building material!

  8. Steve G Says:

    mmm Art… At teacher’s College I asked the lecturer the $12,000 question..
    “What makes one heap of masonry on the grass stretch rubbish, and the other a $12,000 piece of art?”
    He answered in the artistic way.. “Well its what appeals to your aesthetic senses.”
    “aaah” I answered.. “so its all in the eyes and heart of the beholder?”
    “Well yes, more or less!”
    “So what idiot paid the $12,000 for that heap of masonry, when he could have got the other one for free?” I boldly ventured.
    He replied “I did!” and, dear friends, that was the conclusion of my career in preparing to teach art to children! He invited me to pick another course for the coming year.

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