Last term I was creating posters on figurative language to go on the walls of my classroom. In the middle of composing said posters at school I had to abandon my desk, probably to make an essential cup of tea or something. While I was away someone made a few alterations to one of my posters:







Repeated consonant



“Peter Piper liked to

peck and tickle lepers.”




4 Responses to “Alliteration

  1. kim from hiraeth Says:

    groan. . .

    When I was in grade school, I practiced until I could say “she sells sea shells by the sea shore” over and over without messing up. Well, I could do it longer than anyone else.

    Know how to do it? Write down the phrase and LOOK at it, each word, as you say it. Then, later, when you want to impress your friends and enemies, just get a picture of the written phrase in your head and “read” it to yourself.

    Works. Really.

    I can still say it 10 times fast without a hitch.

  2. Rebecca Says:

    Aaaaaaah. Those poor, poor lepers.

  3. ish Says:

    Ah, he interactive classroom.
    (After nephew’s recent wedding, overseas visitors et al, I I finally got to add a couple of notes to your restaurant post. 🙂

  4. missmellifluous Says:

    Kim: I’ll have to try that.

    Rebecca: Ha!

    Ish: I’m going to check it out right now!!!

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