In Memory of…

…two of our guppies who seem to have drowned in a bowl of goldfishes.
My they Rest in Peace at Bondi.
Bless their fishy tails.


2 Responses to “In Memory of…”

  1. Gary Says:

    This photo was created by Ron Darmanin of the New England Fancy Guppy Association for the use of that organization. It is only free to use with proper credit given to Ron and/or the NEFGA. Thanks,
    The NEFGA

    • Marjan Mahy Says:

      Hi, is it possible to receive/order a high resolution picture of this image? How much do we credit, were do we credit to? We love the picture and would use it on a bookcover about ‘behavior in organisations’ (‘gedrag in organisaties’ a dutch book). Thank you very much for your reply!

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