guess what guess what guess what guess what guess what guess what guess what !!!????

Tonight I began studying again!!!


After lamenting the loss of study for nearly a year, I have decided to delve into the realms of discovery again! Oh how I love it!!!  Tonight I began studying a subject that will be credited towards my Masters of Christian Education and already I’m feeling indulged!

I’m soooooo excited!!!!


8 Responses to “guess what guess what guess what guess what guess what guess what guess what !!!????”

  1. Ellen Says:

    Ahh a real love of learning is contagious! Congratulations on your joy of studying…

  2. rebecca Says:

    Wow! Exciting news. 🙂

  3. kim from hiraeth Says:

    Subject, please?

    That sounds like fun!

    I am thinking of taking some classes when Sam graduates from Home School.

    Maybe photography. Maybe pottery. Maybe graphic design.

    Maybe, well, maybe anything that strikes my fancy.

  4. John Dekker Says:

    Sounds great!

    Which institution are you studying with?

  5. missmellifluous Says:

    It’s a subject called ‘Understanding the Bible for the Christian School’ which involves the importance of teaching from the standpoint of Biblical Theology. It leads into Foundations for Christian Education.

  6. radagast Says:


  7. missmellifluous Says:

    Hey John,
    It’s with N.I.C.E. The National Institute of Christian Education. And it is very nice indeed.

  8. John Dekker Says:

    Yeah, I was wondering if it was NICE – not to be confused with the organisation of the same name in That Hideous Strength…

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