I would…

[mark] it
do it
if I
could just
find my texta.

I have marking to do but have misplaced my red pen. *sigh* While looking for it I have become distracted by videos such as this one:


4 Responses to “I would…”

  1. kim from hiraeth Says:

    That was something.

    I wonder; was it a college film project?

  2. Ellen Says:

    hope you find that red pen soon 🙂

  3. missmellifluous Says:

    Kim, I think it was made by a bored student who drew on his hands during class and made a video setting his art to music when he got home. There is more info on the video on YouTube. Not a film project though, I don’t think. As great as this video is, I really hope none of MY student were making such videos while they were supposed to be doing their assignment. Ha!

    Ellen, I think the point is I DON’T WANT TO find my red pen. *sigh* Mayb I could make a video about how important it is to work hard…;)

  4. missmellifluous Says:

    ps Ellen, sorry, I was not shouting at you, just throwing a little tanty because I hate marking. :S

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