Anyone know anything about AFL?

I just scored two platinum tickets to an AFL game and an associated function. I know nothing about AFL – aka ‘kill the dill with the pill’ as my brother affectionately calls it – but think it will be fun, so I’m going with a friend who also knows very little about the game. Our plan is to cheer every time ‘our’ team gets the ball. That should work, don’t you think?

If you know the rules, let me know…


10 Responses to “Anyone know anything about AFL?”

  1. John Dekker Says:

    Instead, why not cheer whenever someone cops it in the head?

    AFL is real footy.

  2. missmellifluous Says:

    That doesn’t sound very sportsman like, John. 😦 I thought AFL was classy football. Sigh.

  3. Rebecca Says:

    Not a thing – what does AFL stand for? I’m assuming “Australian Football League”?

  4. Ellen Says:

    Definately something my boys would want to attend (and their mother). Blessings…

  5. Ben Cousins Says:

    Even most of the players don’t know the rules!

  6. AFL Says:

    The AFL keeps changing the rules, too.

    It adds to the excitement.

  7. Mazda Says:

    Rules? What rules?

  8. Public Speaking Says:

    The best way to get to know the rules is get there early and look for a member of the public who looks like they know what is going on. Sit next to them and get them to speak to you throughout the game, explaining the rules.

  9. Auto1 Says:

    There are lots of good websites that provide you with details of AFL rules. Its an excellent game and well worth finding out about.

  10. Declutter Says:

    I did’t used to know the rules at all and then I got to understand them more and more by watching the game. There are so many great rules that makes the game flow and keeps it very exciting. I hope you enjoy it.

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