Marking Time!

It’s marking time again! Which means, I am going a little nutters. Here’s the evidence:

And that’s how I’ve been marking my time.

Sad. I know.

How have you been marking time? Any creative pursuits?

7 Responses to “Marking Time!”

  1. Radagast Says:


    But I remember the feeling.

  2. kim from hiraeth Says:

    Ah! That’s funny! (you have very pretty blue eyes!)

    Yes; there are ALWAYS creative pursuits! I just finished lettering a sheet of copperplate capital letters.

    Want to see them? I’ll post them up and leave a link

  3. missmellifluous Says:

    Yep! I do want to see them, Kim! Post them! 🙂

  4. missmellifluous Says:

    And thanks for the eye compliment. Shame about the strange growth on my face. Heehee!

  5. kim from hiraeth Says:

    Sorry, I almost forgot to post the capitals. Here it is:

  6. Beck Says:

    You know you’re really pretty when even goofing around like that doesn’t take away from how pretty you are. So jealous!
    What have I been doing? Reading, watching it rain.

  7. Arson Montoya Says:

    I cannot tell you how happy this video made me, it caused such joy and laughter. Thank you so very much, I hope that the Lord blesses you abundantly.

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