I see through your kiss! ;)

For Project Looking Through

This photo was taken while playing around in Photo Booth. Oh how I love Photo Booth! It’s soooo fun! It enables me to kiss my little man on BOTH cheeks at once! Isn’t technology great.

My dear friend Kim is playing and I thought I’d join in. Here are the details as posted at Mark’s blog:

Project Looking Through

The only requirement is the sensation of looking through something. That keeps it specific enough to keep us focused, but vague enough to free up everybody’s creativity. I figured Project Looking Through — PLT for short — is a good name.

So, join in if you like, and please use the Mr. Linky form in my latest Project Looking Through post to add yourself to the list of participants.

There’s your invitation so come & play along with us!!


7 Responses to “I see through your kiss! ;)”

  1. kim from hiraeth Says:

    Cool! How did you do that?

  2. missmellifluous Says:

    Photo Booth on my mac. It’s sooo fun! You can take pictures with special effects. I just updated the post with more info on how it was done. This is a fun game!

  3. Mark Says:

    Aha! I think this is the first PLT entry to use a special effect (or at least to admit it).

  4. Karen of Sillymonkeez Says:

    Very cool! Glad you are joining in on the fun!!

  5. Rebecca Says:

    That picture is WILD!

  6. J. Wesley Says:

    Woot! I can’t believe I was able to find you after what, three years? This is Disco, from the old Le Sabot Post-Moderne blog. You and I used to spar over politics and talk about your commune days.

    I just wanted you to know we got the band back together. PG Epps (the poetry guy) and I are blogging at conservativeintelligencer.com

    If you get a sec, stop by. I know PG would be happy to see ya. . . 🙂

    I’m assuming you graduated Uni since both of your college email addies bounced? Congrats!

    God bless,

    – J. Wesley

  7. missmellifluous Says:

    Hey Disco/J. Wesley, my old sparing friend!
    Great to hear from you! I’ll certainly check out your new blog and drop in and say hi to PG as well. See you over there! And yeah, I graduated. I have new email addys I’ll forward to you.

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