In retrospect: It’s all about me[!]me[!]

My friend David, who I kinda went to school with – same school though he was about a million years above me…ok 5 or so – but have never really met, tagged me for a meme. And surprise, surprise, it’s all about me.

So, I’m supposed to wade through my past posts and select one representative of each of the following themes (one link/theme, I think): family, friends, me, something I love and anything I like. Pretty much, this is what my whole self-indulgent blog is about but here we go…my selections are as follows:

FAMILY: I have a lovely new Poppy! And more very funny little people. I adore my family. 

FRIENDS: The ones who do things like this and inspire this response are awesome. 

ME: a post I wrote from my old blog – the second one actually… the one I began after deleting the first on some serious but rather impulsive whim – by way of obscure introduction. Here I strangely assert that I am from Bullfrogs and Butterflies – more precisely, the album. Those of you who grew up with the tapes will know what I’m talking about. Oh! How I loooooved Nathaniel the Grublet!

SOMETHING I LOVE: Besides Nathaniel the Grublet… the sea, books, reading, books, coffee, music, beach, family & friends, study, when the weather compliments my mood….oh! How am I supposed to choose ONE thing?

ANYTHING I LIKE: How about reading indulgently and learning through literature.


So I cheated. I linked to too many past posts…I’m not one for rules. However, one of the rules I DO like is the tagging rule. So, these people are it – and I don’t mind if you include multiple links for each theme either – Kim, Kim, Ellen, Beck, & Island Sparrow

6 Responses to “In retrospect: It’s all about me[!]me[!]”

  1. Kim in ON Says:

    Look for my post later today!

  2. kim from hiraeth Says:

    I”ll get to it after we get home from church–it’ll be late afternoon though. Will that be tomorrow for you?

  3. missmellifluous Says:

    Yep, it’s nearly tomorrow now. Looking forward to reading them both. 🙂

  4. Rebecca Says:

    Wonderful meme! I’ll try to get to this this week.

  5. Ellen Says:

    Oh I do hope to be able to do this soon. I will let you know. On our flight home from Dallas, Texas to Los Angeles we had the Australian women’s soccer team on our flight. I asked one of the young gals if she was a soccer player and she told me no I’m a hockey player. It didn’t sit well with my truth meter. The next day I watched the USA vs. Australia friendly and there were several Australian faces I recognized from the plane 🙂

  6. missmellifluous Says:

    That’s cool, Beck! Can’t wait to read your response.

    Ellen! How exciting and disappointing all at once! I really hope that Aussie girl wasn’t lying to you. Maybe she was a hockey player going to watch the soccer? Hmmmm. I don’t know. Actually, it sounds like sarcasm to me. The lowest form of humour. Australians love it. :S If it was sarcasm, what she was really saying was, “Yes, I am a soccer player. Isn’t it obvious?” You would have been able to tell by her tone. Though I am told that often an Australian’s use of sarcasm will elude an American listener. I saw it to be true while I was at uni. I guess you guys see it for what it is – not very clever or funny.

    Here’s what I found on an article about it:
    “One of the most enjoyable but yet sometimes difficult traits of the Aussies is their sarcasm. They love their sarcasm and you’ll have to learn to interpret it by the tone of their voice. So if someone says “wonderful” to you but their voice is dripping with a sarcastic tone chances are they mean “awful.” Don’t be offended by their sarcasm. In Australia it’s more of a method of joking and it certainly isn’t meant to be taken personally.”

    Sadly, I am pretty fluent in sarcasm.

    Who won the friendly game?

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