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February 28, 2008

roses tipped with pink

grow new days

& smell like freedom,

making her heart

shine like the sun

glistening on the ocean

outside his window.

The Happy Swim

February 12, 2008

Late yesterday afternoon as I was swimming at the beach with a friend, we were suddenly surprised by the appearance of a little black and white head in the water. It was one of these little fellas:


 A Fairy Penguin.:) 

It was rather enchanting.  

Switching Off

February 9, 2008

Right now I am supposed to be writing a seminar presentation on study skills for Year 11 students. I am supposed to present as the hip-young-technoliterate-teacher who, while being techno savvy, spurns all temptations to use the internet, ipods, skype, blogs, mobile phones etc for evil and redeems their use for good. One who masters technology without being mastered by it. One who knows the temptation of technology, her own limitations and successfully resists the urge to be distracted by this new evil lurking amongst us. I’m supposed to speak clearly and coherently and with much conviction so as to benefit our students. I am planning on saying how it is so important that instead of switching off our minds apathetically when know we have to approach study we should switch off that which distracts us…We should shun all that makes our mind wander and begin to embrace the wonder of learning. I am supposed to be writing all this in a convincing speech. But alas, I cannot for I am distracted… by technology of all things. mmedia.jpgGah!!!!If you have any advice as to how I can inspire my potential scholars on how to get ‘switched on,’ I’d appreciate your suggestions. You could help me use this blog for good instead of evil. 😉 How big a distraction is technology for you or your children?How do you master it?