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I see through your kiss! ;)

April 22, 2008

For Project Looking Through

This photo was taken while playing around in Photo Booth. Oh how I love Photo Booth! It’s soooo fun! It enables me to kiss my little man on BOTH cheeks at once! Isn’t technology great.

My dear friend Kim is playing and I thought I’d join in. Here are the details as posted at Mark’s blog:

Project Looking Through

The only requirement is the sensation of looking through something. That keeps it specific enough to keep us focused, but vague enough to free up everybody’s creativity. I figured Project Looking Through — PLT for short — is a good name.

So, join in if you like, and please use the Mr. Linky form in my latest Project Looking Through post to add yourself to the list of participants.

There’s your invitation so come & play along with us!!

Everything’s Coming Up Poppy’s!

April 19, 2008

I am an Aunty!!!!
My brother and his lovely wife have given birth to a beautiful little girl, Poppy! She is soooooo lovely! Incredibly beautiful and we are all wildly besotted!
The Most Beautiful Poppy in the World! xxx

The Most Beautiful Poppy in the World xxx

The name Poppy really suits her quite well for she is so delicate, so beautiful that no one can keep their eyes off her as soon as she enters the room, deliciously faintly scented with that lovely new baby smell, and is somewhat, ok completely addictive!

Since holding her my boys have said:
Oh Mama! If anything ever happens to Poppy I will be soooooo sad!
[whispers] Awww! Did you see that?! Isn’t she beauuuutiful!

We watch every little blink and frown, every twitch at the corners of her mouth – they are smiles, you know – every squeak, every sigh, every flutter of her lashes, crinkle of her brow, and wiggle of her fingers and we adore her. Oh we adore her!

She is, as my little man says, “The first girl-child in our family [and] it’s lucky she is here because we needed a girl-child.”

This same little man has taken up French Knitting to make his precious little cousin a “sausage shape” or a “P for Poppy”. He has chosen a fantastic colour changing wool that, like Poppy, is “just beautiful!”. My older little man has been somewhat more reserved, that is until he held little Poppy yesterday. Now he is devoted. He has become Poppy’s personal photographer, capturing every change and admiring it nostalgically moments after it occurs. Mum is madly knitting little booties and bonnets and embroidering pink onto everything. Dad is quietly proud. He holds her and beams. My brother cries with joy, my sister-in-law is radiant. Sleep deprived and still radiant. I am an Aunty! And I can’t stop buying pink things, filling my house and my brother’s house with fresh poppies from local growers and exclaiming, “Welcome, beautiful Poppy! You are so beautiful!” And isn’t she?!

An Artful Disorder: Symmetry is for Faces not Vases!

April 18, 2008

As I was arranging a bunch of flowers tonight, the following passage came to mind:

There was really no point trying to arrange wild flowers. They had tumbled into their own symmetry, and it was certainly true that too even a distribution between the irises and the rose-bay willow-herb ruined the effect. She made some minutes making adjustments in order to achieve a natural chaotic look. While she did so she wondered about going out to Robbie.

These are the thoughts of Cecilia in Atonement, a beautifully written novel – which has also been adapted into a gorgeous film, as you probably know – by Ian McEwan. A novel overflowing with evocative description and vivid characterisation.

As I arranged my flowers I thought of symmetry, life past and future, that which is determined and a man I long to see. I thought of my life. My day. My tomorrow.

Like Cecilia, I have never liked symmetry – except for in a face. It’s far too ordered, predictable and balanced. It’s so balanced it makes me feel…well, unbalanced. If I see something symmetrical I have to fight the strongest urge not to rearrange it. Unless it is a bunch of flowers, then nothing can hold me back!

The flowers fell into a unsettling symmetry before me tonight and as I swiftly rearranged them I wondered at my abhorrence of that which is uniform because, you know, it extends to more than just floral arrangements. I have a terrible feeling that the way I like my flowers indicates some deeper darker truth about who I am, what I think and how I want to live: I think I’m pretty much inherently rebellious. But for now all I want to say is, Cecilia is right: symmetry is for faces not vases. What do you think?

Btw, have you read Atonement?! Every word is soooo very delicious!

I would…

April 17, 2008

[mark] it
do it
if I
could just
find my texta.

I have marking to do but have misplaced my red pen. *sigh* While looking for it I have become distracted by videos such as this one:

Living Between the Trees – Rob Bell

April 11, 2008

Check out this video: Trees

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